This Halloween – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

October 5, 2018

Halloween day would be approaching soon and we all are thinking to decorate our house and garden. We buy new things for decoration and most of us dump them after Halloween. Have you ever thought we already have so many items available at our home that could be put to use?

Here at Incepta, our team believes in three R’s-Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Even a little bit of help from our side would help save land and money communities use to dispose of waste in landfills.

Here are some fun and recycled things you can try at home at no extra cost…

Garden/Tree ghosts:

  • Take an old bed sheet you can cut up (Old long T-shirt will also work!)
  • Take a big stick (use your old mop-stick) that can stick to the ground in your yard
  • Gather the sheet and create a head
  • Use a marker to show your creativity (Draw bold eyes, lips, etc)

Paper Tube Haunted house

  • Collect toilet paper rolls. Ask your friends and neighbours!
  • Take some gift-wrapping paper and put around the roll
  • Have a glue handy as you will need a lot
  • With a knife cutter, you can make cuts for windows and doors
  • Tape all the rolls together to get a castle-like structure
  • You can also use egg cartons as a base for your castle

Pumpkin Recycling after Halloween

Pumpkins look beautiful in hallways, porches, and kitchens. But soon these orange beauties end up in the trash. Before we carve them to create ghosts, we can take the mushy material from inside and add them in vegetable stock. They can also be used in preparing pumpkin pie and pumpkin puree.

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