Artificial Intelligence Articles

How an AI based API Strategy is Transforming the way Insurance Agents deliver to Customers

There is hardly any business today that doesn’t utilize the power of digital technology to help their stakeholders extract or deliver more value from the services and product offerings. The presence of digital technology has become ubiquitous through apps and APIs...

AI and eHealth: 3 Apps Automating Mental Health Care

One in five Canadians experience mental health problems or illness every year. Most of the affected can recover with appropriate treatment, but barriers such as stigma and cost impede recover for many. To combat this problem, developers have taken to creating...

How AI is transforming Human Resources?

Merging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Resources can help improve the overall employee experience. Incorporating cognitive thinking in HR processes such as onboarding, training, and benefits of administration can drive significant value. "To AI or not to AI”...

The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning in Manufacturing

Coupled with the Machine Learning (ML) technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to have a great impact on manufacturing. These technologies would provide manufacturers with computational power needed to solve issues that humans can’t possibly solve. For...


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