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How an AI based API Strategy is Transforming the way Insurance Agents deliver to Customers

There is hardly any business today that doesn’t utilize the power of digital technology to help their stakeholders extract or deliver more value from the services and product offerings. The presence of digital technology has become ubiquitous through apps and APIs...

WorkforceInsights – The Smart Productivity Measurement Tool

WorkforceInsights is a productivity measurement tool for the manufacturing sector which tracks time spent by workers on each job card or product part on the production floor and gives valuable insights into productivity measure and performance variance of individual...

Why delay in Open Banking Implementation in Canada poses a huge security risk

Even though Britain, EU and Australia have already adopted open banking frameworks, Canada seems to be lagging behind in setting up their own open banking systems framework. The senate committee on Banking Trade and Commerce called for a decisive action from the...

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is a change or transformation in the running of organizations at two different levels. At one level, organizations incorporating digital technology in every sphere of their operations, to deliver value to their customers is Digital...


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