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Why delay in Open Banking Implementation in Canada poses a huge security risk

Even though Britain, EU and Australia have already adopted open banking frameworks, Canada seems to be lagging behind in setting up their own open banking systems framework. The senate committee on Banking Trade and Commerce called for a decisive action from the...

How the 5G Network has the Potential to Unleash Limitless Possibilities and Drive Innovation

It’s said that transportation and communication are having a race. Whoever wins will render the other one ineffective. 5G network will definitely tilt the bets in favour of communication. The next and most radical generation of mobile communications fifth generation...

Incepta at Softic Summit 2019

Incepta was a proud participant of Summit #Softic-2019, the principal and influential commercial meeting of software and information technologies sector in Colombia Our managing partner Ishtiaq Ahmed was one of the key participants at the Summit who addressed IT and...

Dreamforce 2019, San Francisco, CA

Incepta is proud to have been a part of the incredible Dreamforce 2019 - the world’s largest enterprise, tech conference stage organized by Salesforce. The core resonating theme was customer empowerment and how delivering a truly connected and personalized experience...


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